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“In Page” SEO More Important than Ever

In the SEO world, there is often talk of "On Page SEO" and "Off Page SEO". This refers to your actual content and targeting keywords on your page with "On Page" while the "Off Page" work is about building up your relationships and links and citations for your site. In recent months what I like [...]

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Google Panda 4.0 is here!

Matt Cutts officially announced on Twitter the official release of the latest Google algorithm updatee on May 20. Though Google had said they were going to stop updating us on these algorithm changes because they were a constant rolling monthly update, this is apparently a big one, with some significant changes. Keep an eye out [...]

PPC Budget Management: Avoiding Geographic Leaks

Google's Adwords and other pay per click advertising options provide a lot of bells and whistles to help you best target your advertising dollars. Though if you know what you are doing and are experienced in working in these environments, these can be great options to help you target your dollars as specifically as possible, [...]

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Like Triple Crown, Speed is Important For SEO & PPC

With a horse with a google related name fighting for the triple crown this month, I wanted to write and explain the importance of site speed for your website and some easy tools you can use to make sure your site speed isn't causing problems.  Just as the fastest horse wins the race in the [...]

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Picking a web developer for your business isn’t easy.

In a world where your website is increasingly one of the most important tools for your business, how do you make sure you are investing wisely.  With the increasing importance of technological factors to your site and your search position, you have to consider so many other things along with just getting a good deal. [...]

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