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Google Pigeon Update: Latest Local Search Algorithm Update

So about a week ago Google came out with another algorithm update for local search.  Though they did not name it, the industry has since called it "Pigeon" to follow with the tendency to name after animals and some say because Pigeons tend to fly home, and this is a local update.  Though the industry [...]

SEO Warnings: Developers Offering Optimized Site Often Hurting More Than Helping

This week, as I'm recovering from wisdom tooth extraction, I wanted to share some wisdom with everyone.  I see time and time again through  smaller developers bragging on facebook or simply throwing in an optimized site as part of their development plan.  There is a lot of danger in this for small business owners. In [...]

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Focus on Online Reviews, the Links of the Future?

If you don't have a program in place to keep tabs on, generate, and manage your online reviews, you should.  Reviews have been a factor in local rankings for a long time and though it hasn't been published to my knowledge, I feel it is going to be the new links in the future for [...]

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Google My Business Didn’t Clean Up Your Local Search Mess

Warning: Google is assuming your outstanding issues are fixed with the latest "Google My Business" branding. To put it bluntly, Google's local services, no matter what name they give it, and they seem to be good at changing that on a regular basis has been a mess. If you aren't lucky enough to have your [...]

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This 4th of July, Avoid Google Fireworks with Natural Link Building for Small Businesses

The latest Google algorithm change has pointed even more to them trying to get away from the corner they have backed themselves in to with links being such a strong part of your site strength. Because of the environment that they have set, companies for years have been trying to get links in somewhat unnatural [...]

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