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3 C’s of SEO Link Building Basics: Links Aren’t Dead But Bad Links Are

I've had a few conversations with business owners recently who had heard that link building was dead.  I think some sales people are telling people that because many of the canned link building programs that the national companies have provided are indeed dead.  They never should have worked to begin with but Google finally figured [...]

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Google Prefers Secure Sites: https > http

On Wednesday of last week Google officially announced that they were going to make secure sites a ranking factor.  Though they said as of now, this is not a strong factor, it is something that has been hinted at for some time, and may become stronger.  What does this mean and what do you need [...]

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Google Adwords Consulting Basics: Avoiding Common Mistakes Part 1

Google Adwords can be very confusing for a small business owner.  I just wanted to share some quick basics for businesses setting up their adwords campaigns to avoid some common mistakes that I see even large budget companies doing.  These basics are important no matter how much you are spending, but can be even more [...]

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