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Google Adwords Consulting Basics: Avoiding Common Mistakes Part 2

Today we continue with some Adwords Consulting basics that were started a month ago in Part 1. In August we talked about the structure of your Adwords program on a concept level and how it is important to be as specific as possible. This week I will talk about campaign structure and budgeting to show [...]

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Phone Scams: Be Wary of Fake Google Calls

This has been going on for a while now and I have addressed it before, but I have seen a new influx of fake Google calls to business owners.  Please be very careful when someone calls you saying that they are "Google".  I've even met with prospects who told me that another company worked with [...]

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Avoid Local SEO Scams: Shop with these tools

I have recently spent considerable time looking at prospects local plans and even looking at expanding some of my clients exposure.  This allowed me to see what some of the national or large regional local SEO companies are doing again, and unfortunately it is very disappointing. I wanted to point out some of the negative [...]

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NFL Championships & SEO: A fun metaphor

With the NFL season upon us and me being a big fan, I thought I'd have a little metaphor fun with SEO. I meant to get this out yesterday but it got very busy so I'm still getting it out before all but one games kicks off this weekend. Below are some fun NFL and [...]

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