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SEO Strategy Series: Meta Description

On this black Friday, I've decided to start a new series in my blog touching on specific pieces of the SEO puzzle, their importance, and how to implement them. This has grown a little out of questions I hear when I meet with clients and prospects.  Hopefully as we continue this series, we can help [...]

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Mobile Friendly SEO: Google Gives you a Testing Tool

With the importance of your site being mobile friendly for both SEO and a good PPC experience, we tend to use a lot of tools and analytics to try to determine how mobile friendly your site is.  In some cases, it is obvious just from visiting the site, but in other cases, we find ourselves [...]

Speaking at the EMACC Symposium

Tomorrow I will be speaking at the EMACC Sales & Marketing Symposium.  Should be a great day full of marketing information with sessions running all day. I will be speaking in the afternoon about Google Analytics and how it can help you understand your site visitors and increase the efficiency of your online business. Ken [...]

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Mobile Experience Has Become Extremely Important

Just an update this week.  Google has really been trying to drive home the point that you need to provide a good user experience on mobile devices these days.  Though many small business owners balk at doing site redesigns to make for a better experience, it is becoming more and more important to do this, [...]

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