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2014 Small Business Search Marketing Year In Review

  When I sit with my clients that are successful business owners, they often say give me one or two major things that I can work on that will do the most good for my search results.  This is meant with that in mind. I only took the most important item from each category each [...]

Happy Holidays from You Can Be Found

Just a short post this week to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a wonderful 2015.  In honor of the deal, we are offering a 10% discount off of any SEO or Local search plan you start before the end of January 2015 if you mention this blog post. Be safe everyone and make [...]

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Google Tackling Site to Store Conversions

One of the difficulties in the SEO and Pay Per Click world is measuring conversions that don't take place directly online.  For example, if you run an online store that sells your products directly online, it is easy to measure results, see which keywords trigger the most purchases, find out which advertisers give you the [...]

Thoughts on Continuous Google Penguin Updates

Google recently announced that instead of having specific dates for their Penguin algorithm update, it will now be continuous.  This seems logical as technology moves forward and it is easy to make little tweaks and adjustments.  Before I go in to my thoughts on this, I would like to provide a little background on algorithm [...]

SEO Case Study: Talksoft Makes Great Use of Some DIY SEO

This week I wanted to give everyone a story of how a company has worked with me to drastically improve their search presence in a couple of years.  It is a great example of a competitive market where a company worked with me to learn how to help themselves with improving their SEO plan and [...]