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SEO has highest ROI for Local Businesses

A recent survey of 288 SEO's and Small Businesses dug in to try to determine what marketing venue offered the best ROI for local businesses.  The surveyed represented over 7,000 locations in a one year period and can be learned about in more detail in the link above. The survey showed that organic search delivered [...]

SEO for WordPress: Some Fundamentals

I recently read a great, detailed article on SEO for Wordpress here, and I agreed with most everything that was said, so I thought I would share the absolute basics with my readers. You can refer to the original article by Trond Lyngbo for more details. I wanted to answer some of the common questions [...]

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Searching For Love (in a search engine)

On this lovely week of Valentine's Day I thought I would have a little fun with the holiday and with the search for love from an SEO perspective.  It can teach us a little bit about search engines and the mind of searchers.  According to the Google keyword tool, the term "love" is searched 550,000 [...]

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The Golden Rule of Link Building

So with all of the penalties and algorithm adjustments trying to keep people from cheating the system in terms of link building and establishing links, it becomes very confusing to small business owners whether sites or links are worth linking with.  Much like you may go to the Better Business Bureau or look up reviews [...]

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