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Major Mobile Google Algorithm Change: Enormous Impact

The biggest news on the horizon is of course the Google mobile algorithm change coming on April 21st. I've been discussing the possibility of this coming, and then the actual date for quite some time, but Google has shed some more light on the details, so I just wanted to relay them on to you [...]

SEO Myth Madness: SEO Myths that hurt your wallet

In the spirit of March madness, this week I wanted to address some SEO myths out there that can really hurt your wallet and leave a bad taste in your mouth.  In just the past week, I have seen some examples of a few of these giving the industry a black eye.  Unfortunately, like with [...]

4/21 Google Mobile Algorithm Update: What does it mean?

I've been harping on mobile friendliness quite a bit for the past year.  Not just because Google cares, but because your clients and customers are using mobile devices more and more and if you are giving them a bad experience, you are losing them.  If you haven't updated your site to be mobile responsive by [...]

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SEO Link Building Diminishing: Facts a Factor?

I have been talking about Google wanting to put less importance on links for the past year and news came out earlier this week that Google is looking at making facts a bigger ranking factor. I shared this story earlier this week on social media but wanted to address it now and maybe talk about some [...]