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Twoogle? and Mobilegeddon Letdown: SEM News Update

Just wanted to update people with some news in the industry.  The biggest news this week has been the Mobilegeddon results a week after the roll out was supposed to kick off.  The other news this week was that starting in May Twitter is granting Google access to their live feed.  We don't know exactly [...]

2015 Delaware Trail Marathon: My first trail marathon

General Purpose This site is about SEO, but I will depart from SEO from time to time to share some things from my life.  I am a distance runner, and much like SEO, that involves a lot of slow build.  Lots of hard and honest work over time that pays off in the end.  This [...]

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Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Presence Check

Though it isn't going to be clear immediately how mobilegeddon is going to impact your overall traffic, I have been getting a lot of questions about how to check mobile rankings.  This isn't as easily done as one might think, especially if you have a mobile responsive site rather than a separate mobile version.  One [...]

April 21 Mobilegeddon: Today is a Google Day

For businesses everywhere, today is a day to keep an eye on your Google presence. Everyone is wondering what will happen with "Mobilegeddon".  Will your rankings go up or down or stay the same? Will all of your traffic suddenly disappear because you haven't moved to a mobile responsive site yet? Will you suddenly double [...]

Boston Marathon Today: Mob Apocalypse Tomorrow

With the Boston marathon today, which I love to watch, I thought I would link to the mobile algorithm coming tomorrow.  Both require mobility and speed to succeed.  I have been warning everyone for weeks, so this shouldn't be a big shocker, but just letting everyone know you may want to keep an eye on [...]

Mobile SEO Calm Before The Storm

Today is tax day and we are less than a week away from what some have called Google's Mopocalypse among other catchy names for the Google Mobile Friendly algorithm update.  I have been warning clients, prospects and people at events I attend for quite some time that it was coming, but I also understand that [...]

Masters of SEO: My Site Used to Work Before My Redesign

This week I figured I would try to take advantage of the greatest event in golf, The Masters, with an SEO Masters post.  The name is where the metaphor ends for the most part. I just wanted to highlight a couple of little SEO mistakes that I have come across in the last couple of weeks [...]

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Google Adwords Requiring Phone Number Verification

Hello everyone.  It has been a rough week for me as I have been sick as a dog, but wanted to get a post out that was helpful and informative.  Would have loved to have some fun with April Fools, but unfortunately was struggling to even move and had lots of other work to do. [...]

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