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Schema Markup Penalty: What is it?

This week news came out that Google did an algorithmic update to punish sites that did structured markup or schema incorrectly or in a spammy manner.  I wanted to touch on this lightly just to explain what it is because most small business owners I run across are not even using structured markup so it [...]

SEO Keywords Are Not Bad Words

I can't help but notice that in the past month, since SMX Advanced, there are a lot of articles out there trying to shock people with headlines about keyword research being dead and keywords not mattering any more.  Remind you of anything?  Remember when SEO was dead and link building was dead.  Moz's latest research [...]

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Is Link Building Dead? No! Just do it right..

I was a little slow putting together my post this week because I was asked to guest blog post elsewhere and then the creative juices just weren't flowing  until I saw a blog post from Moz with data on how important links still are to rank in Google.  Though people have been saying link building [...]

Latest SEO Ranking Factors from SMX Advanced 2015

Today I want to go in to SEO Ranking factors. On Friday I touched on some of the technical SEO stuff that we learned at SMX Advanced in Seattle last week. Today I want to continue the series by going over some of the latest in ranking factors. I stopped using the SMX logo because [...]

Technical SEO News: Learnings from SMX Advanced 2015

My head is still buzzing from everything that went on at SMX Advanced this week in Seattle.  To avoid confusion, I'm going to split my suggestions in to a couple of blog posts.  Today I want to share some of the key technical SEO learnings from Seattle this week while they are fresh in my [...]