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Did You Get a CSS/JS Warning From Google Today?

If you have a website and received a warning message from Google today, please take heed.  Though they have sent out some mistaken messages in recent weeks, this one is for real. They are warning people that if their site blocks CSS or JS it can hurt you in the rankings.  This rule has actually [...]

Do Top Level Domains (TLD’s) Matter For SEO? .com vs .brand

Google published a post explaining how they handle all of the new top level domains that are appearing around the internet. I get asked a lot about how valuable one may be over the other. The simple answer is that Google treats all of these top level domains the same way, but there are some [...]

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Google Autocomplete Gives Content Ideas

Content is King.  They have been saying it in SEO for years and it hasn't changed.  The best way to build traffic to your site and the important links that give your site strength, is to provide great content that visitors find helpful and that makes people want to come and stay on your site. [...]

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Google Says Asking For Links Is Unnatural

Some weeks it is hard to settle on which topic of the week to blog about and try to bring the most important items to my readers.  This week was not one of those weeks.  Though this may not have an immediate bearing on your site, it says a lot about Google. They are freaking [...]

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Happy 4th: 239 things to do today for better SEO

In honor of our nation's birthday, I wanted to offer 239 things to do today to help your SEO, but then I realized everybody is heading to the beaches, mountains, lakes, etc. and looking forward to relaxing with family and friends. Be safe out there and have a great 4th of July!

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