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Google Search Market Share is Dropping

Don't be overly alarmed, Google still controls nearly 2/3 of search volume at 65%, but it has dropped from peaking last year, and Bing owned search, including Yahoo and soon to be AOL, are up to 34%, or 1/3 of search in general terms.  Is Bing, and the relationships that they have formed with other [...]

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Great Info but Warning on SEO Factors Studies

As a data geek I get just excited as everyone else when I see new ranking studies come out.  Last week MOZ put out a greatly informative survey study on SEO ranking factors and I got excited just like you did.  I was however, reminded in the coming days about some of the big risks [...]

Google Shifts from Local 7 Pack to 3 Pack: SEO/Adwords Gain

As the legend Mike Blumenthal reported about a week ago, Google has moved from the local 7 pack to a local 3 pack. What does this mean? The "pack" concept is an industry term meaning that in local searches such as the one in the image "service" + "geography" where Google chooses to show the map [...]

Ranking in YouTube isn’t Magical

I have people ask me all the time to rank their video or how to get their video on the first page of Google.  Well it isn't a magical thing where you just tag the video and you show up on top.  Even more than with regular SEO, video ranking for competitive terms requires a [...]

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Google Restructure In a Nutshell: Will this hurt my rankings?

On the surface no.  If that's all you wanted to know, there you go. Google just restructured and basically separated in to "Alphabet" and "Google".  In a nutshell, as the title suggests,  this was about money and investments.  Investors have been afraid of some of the side projects that Google takes part in. Some prove [...]

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) News This Week

I typically try to break down the biggest story of the week and break it down to a post that helps you with an easily understandable takeaway that can be digested and used to help your business today.  The past week or so has had a number of mentionable news items come out so I [...]