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2015 Local Search Ranking Factors Released

David Mihm does a great job every year putting together a survey to figure out the local search ranking factors.  Overall, the numbers don't typically change drastically, though at times the articles that come out of it make it seem that way, but it is great work and it is good to stay on top [...]

Increase Site Speed: Quick Steps That Make a Difference

Part of the purpose of my blog is to go through all of the news and information that comes out in the SEO world and filter it down to important things that the smaller business owner can do to help themselves.  Sometimes I like to put my own spin on it, but other times, like [...]

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Google Taking Action Against Fake Google Calls

Just a quick update this week about Google finally taking action on robo-callers that claim to be working for Google. This has been happening for years. Google will not typically robocall you. They do have automated call answering when confirming local businesses, but those are initiated by the user.  They point out that they always [...]

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Donald Trump…What are we searching for?

Yes, the title of this post could lead to a lot of deep philosophical discussion about the political climate in America and why Trump shot to the head of the Republican polls in recent months, but that is not what it is about. I thought I'd head in to the Labor Day weekend with a [...]

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