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I’m running the NYC Marathon

Though I will probably slip in an SEO news update somewhere next week, I will also be posting about my marathon experience this weekend, good or bad. I got in to running for the most part when I met my wife, who has always been a runner. Up until that point, I basically always considered [...]

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Why I’m Your NYC, NJ, PA Google Certified Partner

Having just recently completed my latest exams to maintain my status as Google Certified Partner, I thought I should take a moment to explain what this means to clients and potential clients as it is a question I am often asked. Being a partner gives me access to immediate Google support to resolve complicated and [...]

Yahoo Local Switch to Yext: What you need to know!

So the frustrating world of managing your Yahoo local listing for your business has taken yet another turn, and  unfortunately it leads us to Yext.  Yahoo has announced that it will be outsourcing their local search listings to the somewhat spammy (my own personal opinion) Yext in November. Below are some things to keep in [...]

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Google Aggressively Targeting Hacked Spam

Hacked sites have been a problem for years, but the issue seems to be growing.  In just the past couple of weeks I have heard of  numerous hacking incidents and site owners struggling to get overcome the issue.  Wordpress seems especially susceptible to the problem as the themes are so popular that finding a way [...]