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Searching for a Happy Thanksgiving?

On this day before Thanksgiving I just wanted to reach out and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and have a little non-scientific fun looking at what we search for related to Thanksgiving.  I used the Google keyword tool to inform my data here and started my research with just the seed word Thanksgiving.  The [...]

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Google Penguin Update: Here it comes, what to do…

Gary Illyes of Google confirmed there will be a Penguin algorithm update at Google before the end of 2015.  To refresh your memories, Penguin is the algorithm update that penalized spammy link building practices. The last one was in 2014 and if you were hit by it, you definitely know what it is.  If you [...]

New Sponsors for Your Local Race or Charitable Event

Local Businesses Looking to Support Local Races and Charity Events As a runner and a small local business owner, I have been searching for ways to help local race directors and charity event organizers, while at the same time helping local businesses succeed. With my expertise in search engine optimization, I know the value of relevant [...]

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PPC Basics: Google Adwords Fundamentals

I have recently run in to a number of small business owners that had tried to do their own Adwords campaign or simply had set up very ineffective Adwords campaign structures for themselves and I was told that this very basic document that I had provided was very helpful for those looking to understand how [...]

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NYC DNF: But lots of TLC

Everyone has a bad race now and then. I had been pretty fortunate that it hadn't happened to me going in to the NYC marathon this past weekend, but I was definitely due for one.  It seems like all of my runner buddies had stories of that one horrible race where everything went wrong. Sadly, [...]

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