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Happy Holidays from You Can Be Found

The holiday season has arrived and this week we will use our blog post to simply wish everyone out there a very safe and happy holiday season. Please spend time with your loved ones and family and appreciate all the positive things the past year has offered and the wonders yet to come. Next week [...]

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Google Offers “Smart Goals” in Analytics, Adwords

One of the common issues I see with small and mid-sized businesses while helping them with search engine marketing is measuring success. If you don't have a direct sale on line, it is sometimes difficult to determine which traffic is good traffic and which is bad.  We arbitrarily look at bounce rate and time on [...]

You should probably be doing re-marketing.

First of all, you should probably understand what re-marketing is.  It is the annoying way that ads follow you around after you have been to the site. I often have clients say,  yeah, that is annoying, and then, how can we do it. I'm here to tell you that it works pretty well. There are many [...]

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Google Phantom Update Again?

Dealing with a case of the flu this week and not feeling great, but wanted to get this out to people in case they saw signifcant changes in their rankings last week. It appears there may have been an algorithm update. I will let the pros over at Search Engine Land explain the background and [...]

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