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No more Adwords ads on the right? What does this mean?

Google recently removed their pay per click ads from the right side of the results page in desktop searches.  They are now opening up the three ads at the top of the page to be potentially four.  So there will be more ads at the top but fewer overall. Here are just some quick thoughts [...]

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Google Adwords Primer: Negative Keywords

One of the more common things I find on a monthly basis when analyzing client Adwords accounts, is more negatives to add to our keyword lists.  A negative keyword is a keyword you add to your "Negative Keywords" list on either a campaign or adgroup level.  If you add a negative, your ad will not [...]

Local Search DIY: 2 Hours To Get Started

I am often asked by new business owners what they need to do to get out there on local search. With this in mind I wanted to provide a how to for the basics of local search setup. Take 2 hours and follow the steps below and  you will at least have the basic groundwork [...]

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Google Panda: Don’t Get In Trouble With Lazy Content

Google has been busy the past couple of months doing fairly substantial updates to their algorithm. I have talked in the past about how they claimed these big updates weren't happening any more, but I think it is hard to avoid issues like this. If they do make a change and it is significant, it [...]

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