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Landing Page Optimization (LPO): Converting the Visitor

One of the common issues I see when helping clients with SEO or PPC programs is poor landing pages that scare visitors away or aren't built with converting in mind. You don't exist online if you don't have a search engine marketing plan, but there is no point bringing in new visitors if you aren't [...]

SEO Is Becoming IEO As The Lines Become Blurred

This week I want to touch more on the future of SEO.  As google becomes "smarter' and more aware of all of your online entities, the future appears to be in "Internet Entity Optimization". Your brand has an online presence in a number of places and they all blend together.  Whether you make a sale [...]

SEO, PPC, SEM for Westfield Businesses

You Can Be Found has recently joined the Westfield NJ Chamber of Commerce and is taking on new clients to help businesses better manage their search presence with SEM plans including SEO or PPC (Google Adwords), or in  many cases a combination of many elements. Westfield is a unique and competitive market filled with businesses [...]

Getting Googled with EMACC: SEO Workshop

The first EMACC SEO workshop went great.  We had two business owners with very different markets and were able to tackle a number of issues in the time we had together. I really enjoyed working with Susan Hordych of Suzi's Sweet Shoppe and Robin Oratio of Writing on the Wall Ads .  Both amazing businesses for either [...]

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