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My 2016 Grand Canyon 50K: Tiny Daggers in my Feet

I planned some time ago to at least try one of the ultra marathons at one of the national parks out west. My wife Karen had always wanted to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, which is conveniently close to Zion, Bryce Canyon, the North Rim and actually several others. It is [...]

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Volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

The next two weeks will have some posts that are a bit off topic as I complete a vacation and ultra race combination. Today’s post is about the wonderful people at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This is the ultimate animal rescue located in Kanab Utah.  We built our trip this year around a stay and [...]

Automated SEO Doesn’t Differentiate – Leads to Failure

Though there are a lot of scammers out there in the SEO world, there are also a lot of solid good SEO professionals trying to help their clients out.  I often run in to hard working business owners that unfortunately fall for the generic SEO plans that don't really do anything but lay a base [...]

NJ Lawyer SEO at the EMACC SEO Workshop

This month at the EMACC SEO workshop we had one of our participants call in sick so it gave me a chance to sit down and do a full hour of one on one work with Margaret Henn of Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas LLP. Margaret has taken on the task of getting their [...]