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Self Automated SEO, Not Automated SEO

I recently had a conversation with another business owner who suggested I create an SEO automation tool to automate SEO.  I actually hear this a lot from people and there are companies like MOZ and Majestic that make some nice tools that help with the SEO process, but as I have been preaching for a [...]

Can I Be (301 re-) Direct With You About Your Site Redesign?

Being in the SEO world for over ten years I see different issues come and go and change. Sometimes you seem to run in to handfuls of the same problem in batches.  Recently I have run in to a number of clients and prospects that had issues or were planning to redesign their websites to [...]

SEO for Monmouth County Chamber: at Perkolator

This morning I had the privilege to speak to a great group at the Perkolator breakfast, sponsored by the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce, and Holmdel's modern day Renaissance man, Al Aloisi. It was a great opportunity to explain the E.A.T. concept of SEO to the group.  Google is looking for certain aspects to drive [...]

Historical Society & House Lifting SEO with EMACC

Another great experience doing my SEO workshop with EMACC.  By the way, we still have slots open for the August date.  Please reach out if you want to take part. This month we looked at and . It was a great chance to learn about two very different but very interesting businesses. Christine Ciccosanti from [...]

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