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Google Possum & Penguin Updates: September to Remember

September brought us major updates to the Google local and organic algorithms.  I will try to sum it up at a high level here but leave you to read in  more depth about Possum and the latest Penguin update. POSSUM Firstly, September 1 brought  us what the industry is calling the Possum update. This was [...]

Some New Service Offerings Coming in October

Excited to announce that we are still nailing down the details but will be announcing some new service offerings in October to provide more of a one stop shop feeling for many of your online needs. Though we have always been able to offer unrivaled support for SEO, PPC, and local search programs, we have [...]

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Museum/Non-Profit SEO at the EMACC Workshop

Wednesday I could be found teaching the EMACC workshop with Laura Oncea of the Monmouth Museum. The museum has a nice strong site and we spent time digging in to the technical issues such as broken links and duplicate content that can just pop of over time from having a site that handles many events [...]

SEO Presentation for NNG-Westfieled NJ Business Owners

This last Friday I had the privilege to speak to a group of Westfield NJ business owners about SEO and search engine marketing strategies. The NNG group is a networking group, standing for Neighborhood Networking Group, that often has speakers come in and show the business owners strategies and tactics to help them run their [...]

Google to begin showing “Reviews from the Web”

So it has always been the case that Google considers reviews from all over the internet in your local rankings, and I suggested maybe eventually in other rankings.  However, people tend to push people toward one place, like Facebook or Yelp, or often Google.  Well there is something else to worry about now.  Google is [...]

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Link Building isn’t dead, just hard

Inbound links have always been at the heart of any SEO plan.  Many DIYers can aim their site properly and even correct technical issues to some extent, but link building takes a whole different set of skills. Often web developers tell users that their site has been SEO'ed or built in SEO. This is true [...]

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