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Content Marketing is Just One Important Piece

Often in the business world, phrases get thrown around and become hot words, but most people don't truly understand what they are or why they are important. This happens in abundance in the world of SEO, which is already confusing to many business owners.  One of those hot terms that everyone has been talking about [...]

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Help! Emergency SEO Services

If you have recently seen your site traffic drop off of a cliff or you are one of those ranking followers and you suddenly noticed that your one time high ranking is nowhere to be found, you may be in need of some emergency SEO help.  With the increasingly confusing Google algorithm and all of [...]

UX Key for SEO: What does that mean?

So Google will tell you that User Experience, or UX, is the #1 SEO factor.  In a sense that may be true, but it is vague and confusing to many who seek actionable advice on how to move up the rankings. So I wanted to break down UX to help people understand what all of [...]

Technical SEO – Crawl Efficiency Mattering More for Small Business Sites

If you have heard me speak about SEO at one of my many talks or one on one sessions, you have heard me mention the three major aspects of good SEO.  Though they are all important, one of the three, that has been mostly a high-level factor for small businesses in the past, without having [...]

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Scary Search Stories for Halloween

Being as it is Halloween, I thought I would scare you with some scary stories of unfortunate mistakes people made in the world of search.  This serves to entertain and educate. The world of search can be confusing and it is important you work with someone with a reputable past or understand what you are [...]

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SEO as Part of the Business Process: Sitting with Clients

This past week I spent some time on site with some clients. I make a point of sitting down with clients regularly to make sure we stay up to date with what is going on in their world. SEO is an important part of every business these days, even if it is just for your [...]

Launching the WordPress Basic SEO Setup Service

Launch Time One of the common questions I get from my many talks to business networking groups and one on one sit-downs with chamber of commerce members is how to do the basic setup of SEO on their WordPress sites. With that in mind, I launched a straightforward way to help small business sites getting [...]

Your #YCBFWeekendofZen

For some time now, I have been sharing a beautiful picture of nature on Friday afternoons to wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. I try to pick shots that have some relevance to my life in that either I took them (I'm not a great photographer) or I find them online and share them. [...]

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Google Certified Partner: What and Why?

I recently finished my now annual exams to qualify as a Google Certified Partner, and it always brings to mind the question many ask or want to ask about what that means and why it is important.  The short answer is it doesn't mean all that much and it isn't overly important. However, the title [...]

Website Updates are Important for SEO and UX

Updating Your Website an Important Part of SEO Having recently updated my site to the latest version of my WordPress theme, I wanted to share some knowledge. Though I often preach to others to stay on top of WordPress plugin and theme updates, I myself, tend to put it on the back burner. I know [...]

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