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April 21 Mobilegeddon: Today is a Google Day

For businesses everywhere, today is a day to keep an eye on your Google presence. Everyone is wondering what will happen with "Mobilegeddon".  Will your rankings go up or down or stay the same? Will all of your traffic suddenly disappear because you haven't moved to a mobile responsive site yet? Will you suddenly double [...]

Boston Marathon Today: Mob Apocalypse Tomorrow

With the Boston marathon today, which I love to watch, I thought I would link to the mobile algorithm coming tomorrow.  Both require mobility and speed to succeed.  I have been warning everyone for weeks, so this shouldn't be a big shocker, but just letting everyone know you may want to keep an eye on [...]

Mobile SEO Calm Before The Storm

Today is tax day and we are less than a week away from what some have called Google's Mopocalypse among other catchy names for the Google Mobile Friendly algorithm update.  I have been warning clients, prospects and people at events I attend for quite some time that it was coming, but I also understand that [...]

Major Mobile Google Algorithm Change: Enormous Impact

The biggest news on the horizon is of course the Google mobile algorithm change coming on April 21st. I've been discussing the possibility of this coming, and then the actual date for quite some time, but Google has shed some more light on the details, so I just wanted to relay them on to you [...]

4/21 Google Mobile Algorithm Update: What does it mean?

I've been harping on mobile friendliness quite a bit for the past year.  Not just because Google cares, but because your clients and customers are using mobile devices more and more and if you are giving them a bad experience, you are losing them.  If you haven't updated your site to be mobile responsive by [...]

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Mobile Friendly SEO: Google Gives you a Testing Tool

With the importance of your site being mobile friendly for both SEO and a good PPC experience, we tend to use a lot of tools and analytics to try to determine how mobile friendly your site is.  In some cases, it is obvious just from visiting the site, but in other cases, we find ourselves [...]

Mobile Experience Has Become Extremely Important

Just an update this week.  Google has really been trying to drive home the point that you need to provide a good user experience on mobile devices these days.  Though many small business owners balk at doing site redesigns to make for a better experience, it is becoming more and more important to do this, [...]

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