My 2016 MCM: Friends, Family, and a Lesson in Focus

We are all different as runners, and my “thing” is that I’m a bit OCD with constantly doing the math on what pace I need to average to reach certain goals. I think I do it as much to take my mind of the fact that I’m running than to actually strategize all that […]

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My 2016 Grand Canyon 50K: Tiny Daggers in my Feet

I planned some time ago to at least try one of the ultra marathons at one of the national parks out west. My wife Karen had always wanted to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, which is conveniently close to Zion, Bryce Canyon, the North Rim and actually several others. It […]

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My Phirst 50K: Mudding at a Medium Pace

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NYC DNF: But lots of TLC

Everyone has a bad race now and then. I had been pretty fortunate that it hadn’t happened to me going in to the NYC marathon this past weekend, but I was definitely due for one.  It seems like all of my runner buddies had stories of that one horrible race where everything went wrong. […]

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I’m running the NYC Marathon

Though I will probably slip in an SEO news update somewhere next week, I will also be posting about my marathon experience this weekend, good or bad.

I got in to running for the most part when I met my wife, who has always been a runner. Up until that point, I basically always considered […]

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2015 Delaware Trail Marathon: My first trail marathon

General Purpose

This site is about SEO, but I will depart from SEO from time to time to share some things from my life.  I am a distance runner, and much like SEO, that involves a lot of slow build.  Lots of hard and honest work over time that pays off in the end.  This […]

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