Google Mobile Page Speed Update – Are You Slow?

So on top of the mobile-first index that Google is bringing to the SEO world in 2018, and rumors are showing may have started bringing in 2017, they have also announced the "Google Speed Update", which is coming in July of this year. Google is officially telling us that mobile speed will be a "direct" [...]

SEO Talk at SCC Berkeley Heights Membership Meeting

Last Friday I had the honor to sponsor and speak at the General Membership Meeting of the Suburban Chamber of Commerce at the Berkeley Heights Town Hall.  The chamber serves the Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights areas and is a high energy group with lots of great things going on to help the local [...]

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Talking SEO, Adwords, and Local Search in Scotch Plains

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest of the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce at the JCC in Scotch Plains last night.  We had a great talk about all things search.  I really enjoyed the interaction with the group as we were able to drop some of the formality and have more of [...]

Easter Final Four: Cultural Icons In Search

This week I thought I would have a little fun with the Easter holiday and March Madness combination.  Using the Google Adwords keyword tool, I looked up four cultural icons specific search counts to do a bracket like competition for the champion of search. The Players:  #1 Seeds: Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny are [...]

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Local Search DIY: 2 Hours To Get Started

I am often asked by new business owners what they need to do to get out there on local search. With this in mind I wanted to provide a how to for the basics of local search setup. Take 2 hours and follow the steps below and  you will at least have the basic groundwork [...]

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Google Panda: Don’t Get In Trouble With Lazy Content

Google has been busy the past couple of months doing fairly substantial updates to their algorithm. I have talked in the past about how they claimed these big updates weren't happening any more, but I think it is hard to avoid issues like this. If they do make a change and it is significant, it [...]

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Happy Holidays from You Can Be Found

The holiday season has arrived and this week we will use our blog post to simply wish everyone out there a very safe and happy holiday season. Please spend time with your loved ones and family and appreciate all the positive things the past year has offered and the wonders yet to come. Next week [...]

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PPC Basics: Google Adwords Fundamentals

I have recently run in to a number of small business owners that had tried to do their own Adwords campaign or simply had set up very ineffective Adwords campaign structures for themselves and I was told that this very basic document that I had provided was very helpful for those looking to understand how [...]

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Google Shifts from Local 7 Pack to 3 Pack: SEO/Adwords Gain

As the legend Mike Blumenthal reported about a week ago, Google has moved from the local 7 pack to a local 3 pack. What does this mean? The "pack" concept is an industry term meaning that in local searches such as the one in the image "service" + "geography" where Google chooses to show the map [...]

Google Says Asking For Links Is Unnatural

Some weeks it is hard to settle on which topic of the week to blog about and try to bring the most important items to my readers.  This week was not one of those weeks.  Though this may not have an immediate bearing on your site, it says a lot about Google. They are freaking [...]

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