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Google Autocomplete Gives Content Ideas

Content is King.  They have been saying it in SEO for years and it hasn’t changed.  The best way to build traffic to your site and the important links that give your site strength, is to provide great content that visitors find helpful and that makes people want to come and stay on your site. OK, so that is a given.

The big qutestion I get from small business clients is what to write about or create content for. I can provide help for this with a writer that can help organize the words but the client knows the business the best themselves.

A basic way to marry what people are interested in as it relates to your business is Google autocomplete.  Though it seems obvious, sometimes we overlook the obvious.  When we have important basic keywords we want to show up for, if you type them in to Google, Google will show in its autocomplete the most common longer tail keywords associated with that term.

I have used mold in the past as an example.  If you start to type in “mold remediation” in google, the autocomplete will show you several things:

  • mold remediation cost
  • mold removal
  • mold remediation products
  • mold remediation bleach

All of those ideas can be nuggets to get you started on a blog post or on a standalone page addressing what people are obviously searching for.  If you provide mold remediation, perhaps address why what you do is the better choice over getting the products and DIY.  Stress safety and thoroughness.  Do a page or post on the costs associated with mold remediation and why, so you are educating the consumer on what they should look for or not look for with these services.

You can use this technique for pretty much any subject or basic concept if you are ever in need of ideas for a topic that is relevant and regularly searched.  Give it a try.  There is always something you can make more clear or help users with through your own expertise.

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Google Autocomplete Gives Content Ideas
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A basic way to marry what people are interested in as it relates to your business is Google autocomplete.
Jeremy Skillings
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