On this day before Thanksgiving I just wanted to reach out and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and have a little non-scientific fun looking at what we search for related to Thanksgiving.  I used the Google keyword tool to inform my data here and started my research with just the seed word Thanksgiving.  The following data popped up showing us what is most important to searchers in regards to “Thanksgiving”

When is Thanksgiving?

Interestingly enough, the most searched term related to Thanksgiving, more than plain old Thanksgiving itself, is “thanksgiving day”.  Thanksgiving itself comes in sceond, followed by the question “when is thanksgiving”. I guess it makes sense to get our priorities in order and figure out when it is before we start looking at everything else.

Thanksgiving Pictures?

Somewhat surprising to me was the number of “thanksgiving images” and “thanksgiving pictures” showed up before we really got down to the food.  Though recipes was searched more than the images, those two picture related terms combined to nearly match recipes.

Finally, what are we eating?

In true American fashion, though the more general recipes was the top term related to Thanksgiving, desserts came in second. When it comes down to it, we think desserts first. Desserts was followed by “dinner”, “side dishes”, and “menu” in relation to Thanksgiving, so you can see all of the accoutrements are top of mind these days before we even get to the Turkey.

In fact, “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” was searched more. Also, “appetizers” and “restaurants open on thanksgiving” got more searches than turkey.  Showing we really want to avoid the hard job of actually making the turkey.

What are we doing on Thanksgiving?

Once we got past the food, we started seeing different activities show up in search.  “Prayer”, “football”, and “crafts” top the activities list.  You football haters out there should be happy to see the others having equivalent search volume. After that we see “games”, “movies”, “jokes”, and “songs”.  I think my family incorporates all of these things so we have it covered.

I hope this little exercise helped answer some search related Thanksgiving questions and give you a feel for what everyone is looking for, eating, and doing over Thanksgiving.  Have a very happy Thanksgiving with all of your families and friends.

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Searching for a Happy Thanksgiving?
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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with a fun little article to see what people search for around the holiday.
Jeremy Skillings