SEO Strategy

SEO Services: Rates That Fit Your Budget

As SEO Marketers, we have techniques designed to help smaller businesses get found in the search engines. For businesses everywhere, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to obtaining quality visitors and prospects for an affordable cost. In fact, SEO is absolutely vital to your search engine marketing success. More and more people are tuning out traditional advertising methods, making them less and less efficient.

With proper SEO, your site can show up in front of your potential clients at the best possible time, when they are actually searching for what you sell. As a result, every company wants to have the top search engine ranking for their targeted keywords.

As SEO Marketers…

We have an SEO method built specifically for small to mid-sized businesses that don’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars a month on an SEO program. We can help you target your niche through doing things the right way, following the rules, and organically growing in your market.

SEO Services: Rates and Methods Specifically for Small Business

We reverse engineer the process, using tactics that will bring the prospects you are able to reach based on the strength of your business. We can help build strength over time while still targeting the best keywords as we go. Other SEO companies pick extremely competitive terms and then spend all of your money slowly moving you up the rankings by building your site strength for thousands of dollars a month. We can help build you at a slower, more affordable rate, and still get you highly efficient Internet traffic.

What They Do (If you have a reputable agency):

      • Pick highly competitive keywords
      • Spend thousands of dollars a month to build the site to those keywords, through linkbuilding, etc.
      • Use solid SEO techniques to point your content to those terms
      • Keep spending thousands to maintain your site strength at that level
      • Results: Huge budget spent with great rankings for highly searched terms

What We Do:

      • Analyze the strength of your website
      • Research the keywords to find those for which you can already achieve high rankings
      • Spend money on building the site if it is in your budget
      • Continue finding the best keywords to target based on your site strength
      • Results: High rankings for relevantly searched terms with lower total searches, but costing you thousands less

If you have the budget and are working with a reputable SEO company, there is nothing wrong with going with a big firm. We can certainly strategize in that direction as well. The downside is that they typically don’t work in a way that fits a smaller budget. We deal with that every day and that’s why we’ve found the technique listed above to truly get you good results but at a price that won’t break the bank.

As you see the business start to come in, typically you will want to spend more money to strengthen your site. We can cater your plan to exactly what you want to spend. We can do something for you for almost any price so you are welcome to tip toe into the market. It is easy to get traffic when your site is already strong. It is the way to make your site strong over time with proven, ethical practices that don’t get penalized by Google that is what makes clients come to us.