Site Audit: Google Penalties

//Site Audit: Google Penalties
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Site Audit

Google Penalties: We Can Help

One of the growing trends in SEO is helping sites recover from google penalties. Some SEO’s are either ignorant of the rules or are blatantly breaking them to get sites ranked and innocent business owners end up with a Google penalty and aren’t sure what happened. With the regular penalties that Google has been dishing out in recent years, a lot of businesses find that they have taken a dip or disappeared altogether from the rankings. Sometimes Google finds unethical companies and then over-penalize and a lot of companies on the fringe that thought they were following the rules also end up in trouble.

Crawling Issues and Link Problems

We have tools that can dig in to your site and find out what may be going wrong. Whether it is looking at your link profile and possibly finding that your last company got you some links that were getting you in trouble, or often sites have just basic internal issues that, when fixed, can cause you to pop up in the rankings. We have run in to everything from sites with accidental duplicate content (when Google thinks you are copying other sites or your own site) because their own site is duplicating its own pages, to slow image load times, to links that go nowhere or poor redirects. Once we take a dive in your site we can outline any issues we find, whether they be small or large, and give you instructions on how to move forward and fix them.

With SEO becoming more complicated and load times and internal linking structures becoming more important to ranking success, some business owners like to just take a look every once in a while to make sure everything is running clean. It is kind of like getting an oil change for your site and making sure everything is pointing the right way and loading properly. Give us a call and we can help you whether you have a serious Google penalty issue or just feel like your site seems to be loading slowly.