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The Small Business SEO Cons are Pros

Though there are many factors in ranking that need to be considered like building link strength and a fast loading site, there is one thing that the grinders can be sure will eventually pay off.  This article will talk about what I like to call the "Con"s of SEO, which I will go over below.  [...]

SEO Unique Content – You Can Be Found Anywhere – Motown Museum

In my new monthly short video series, we want to drive home the point that with a good search engine marketing plan, your business can be found from just about anywhere. With mobile phone traffic taking up more than half of all traffic, our businesses tend to be found more often when people are out [...]

Updating Content Can Make Huge Differences for SEO

With all of the updates in 2017 around content length and freshness, it has become important for smaller businesses that don't deal in long-form content every day to take a look at their own content and face the facts that they need to expand and update content in many areas to maintain an organic ranking [...]

Content Marketing is Just One Important Piece

Often in the business world, phrases get thrown around and become hot words, but most people don't truly understand what they are or why they are important. This happens in abundance in the world of SEO, which is already confusing to many business owners.  One of those hot terms that everyone has been talking about [...]

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