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Google Map Maker and Google Maps Problems

This week and next week I'm in Eastern Europe along the Adriatic coast. From my ventures through Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia so far, I have noticed some issues with Google maps.  It seemed only fitting that Google came out and discontinued access to Google Mapmaker on the same week, sort of giving the week a [...]

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SEO has highest ROI for Local Businesses

A recent survey of 288 SEO's and Small Businesses dug in to try to determine what marketing venue offered the best ROI for local businesses.  The surveyed represented over 7,000 locations in a one year period and can be learned about in more detail in the link above. The survey showed that organic search delivered [...]

The Conference Championships: SEO Style

As a big fan of football, I thought I would have a little fun with the playoffs that are going on with an SEO conference championship playoff post. We are going to look at 4 broad categories of SEO and though all are important, I will put them up against each other in a battle [...]

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2014 Small Business Search Marketing Year In Review

  When I sit with my clients that are successful business owners, they often say give me one or two major things that I can work on that will do the most good for my search results.  This is meant with that in mind. I only took the most important item from each category each [...]

Avoid Local SEO Scams: Shop with these tools

I have recently spent considerable time looking at prospects local plans and even looking at expanding some of my clients exposure.  This allowed me to see what some of the national or large regional local SEO companies are doing again, and unfortunately it is very disappointing. I wanted to point out some of the negative [...]

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Google Pigeon Update: Latest Local Search Algorithm Update

So about a week ago Google came out with another algorithm update for local search.  Though they did not name it, the industry has since called it "Pigeon" to follow with the tendency to name after animals and some say because Pigeons tend to fly home, and this is a local update.  Though the industry [...]

Google My Business Didn’t Clean Up Your Local Search Mess

Warning: Google is assuming your outstanding issues are fixed with the latest "Google My Business" branding. To put it bluntly, Google's local services, no matter what name they give it, and they seem to be good at changing that on a regular basis has been a mess. If you aren't lucky enough to have your [...]

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