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Google Restructure In a Nutshell: Will this hurt my rankings?

On the surface no.  If that's all you wanted to know, there you go. Google just restructured and basically separated in to "Alphabet" and "Google".  In a nutshell, as the title suggests,  this was about money and investments.  Investors have been afraid of some of the side projects that Google takes part in. Some prove [...]

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April 21 Mobilegeddon: Today is a Google Day

For businesses everywhere, today is a day to keep an eye on your Google presence. Everyone is wondering what will happen with "Mobilegeddon".  Will your rankings go up or down or stay the same? Will all of your traffic suddenly disappear because you haven't moved to a mobile responsive site yet? Will you suddenly double [...]

Boston Marathon Today: Mob Apocalypse Tomorrow

With the Boston marathon today, which I love to watch, I thought I would link to the mobile algorithm coming tomorrow.  Both require mobility and speed to succeed.  I have been warning everyone for weeks, so this shouldn't be a big shocker, but just letting everyone know you may want to keep an eye on [...]

Mobile SEO Calm Before The Storm

Today is tax day and we are less than a week away from what some have called Google's Mopocalypse among other catchy names for the Google Mobile Friendly algorithm update.  I have been warning clients, prospects and people at events I attend for quite some time that it was coming, but I also understand that [...]

Major Mobile Google Algorithm Change: Enormous Impact

The biggest news on the horizon is of course the Google mobile algorithm change coming on April 21st. I've been discussing the possibility of this coming, and then the actual date for quite some time, but Google has shed some more light on the details, so I just wanted to relay them on to you [...]

SEO Link Building Diminishing: Facts a Factor?

I have been talking about Google wanting to put less importance on links for the past year and news came out earlier this week that Google is looking at making facts a bigger ranking factor. I shared this story earlier this week on social media but wanted to address it now and maybe talk about some [...]

SEO Championship Game: In Page SEO vs Off Page SEO

In a continuation of the SEO Playoffs we did a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would finalize things by having the two winners face off in the championship game. I'm avoiding the actual label to avoid getting sued by the NFL, as you see they are having a lot of legal battles lately [...]

Deflategate-Cheating in SEO-Is it OK?

In the spirit of the nation being completely obsessed with deflated footballs and cheating this week, I thought I would touch on "Black Hat SEO" and how it can cause problems for someone.  Much like deflating footballs, if you are doing it, you know you are cheating.  At least as a professional Search Engine Marketing [...]

2014 Small Business Search Marketing Year In Review

  When I sit with my clients that are successful business owners, they often say give me one or two major things that I can work on that will do the most good for my search results.  This is meant with that in mind. I only took the most important item from each category each [...]

Thoughts on Continuous Google Penguin Updates

Google recently announced that instead of having specific dates for their Penguin algorithm update, it will now be continuous.  This seems logical as technology moves forward and it is easy to make little tweaks and adjustments.  Before I go in to my thoughts on this, I would like to provide a little background on algorithm [...]