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Google Adwords Primer: Negative Keywords

One of the more common things I find on a monthly basis when analyzing client Adwords accounts, is more negatives to add to our keyword lists.  A negative keyword is a keyword you add to your "Negative Keywords" list on either a campaign or adgroup level.  If you add a negative, your ad will not [...]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) News This Week

I typically try to break down the biggest story of the week and break it down to a post that helps you with an easily understandable takeaway that can be digested and used to help your business today.  The past week or so has had a number of mentionable news items come out so I [...]

Google Adwords Requiring Phone Number Verification

Hello everyone.  It has been a rough week for me as I have been sick as a dog, but wanted to get a post out that was helpful and informative.  Would have loved to have some fun with April Fools, but unfortunately was struggling to even move and had lots of other work to do. [...]

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PPC Landing Page Fundamentals

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.  I was going to do a post this week just wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but thought I might as well give you something to help you too.  Next week, in honor of the NFL Playoffs, I'm going to do a post on SEM Playoffs, with [...]

Google Adwords Consulting Basics: Avoiding Common Mistakes Part 1

Google Adwords can be very confusing for a small business owner.  I just wanted to share some quick basics for businesses setting up their adwords campaigns to avoid some common mistakes that I see even large budget companies doing.  These basics are important no matter how much you are spending, but can be even more [...]

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