Wapacking a Punch: The Wapack Trail Race in Torrential Downpour

What makes a person drive 6 hours one way to run a grueling trail race in the pouring rain, only to towel off and drive back right after crossing the finish line. Well, this was the Wapack.  After what has been a very strange running year for me from a health standpoint, I penciled […]

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My 2016 MCM: Friends, Family, and a Lesson in Focus

We are all different as runners, and my “thing” is that I’m a bit OCD with constantly doing the math on what pace I need to average to reach certain goals. I think I do it as much to take my mind of the fact that I’m running than to actually strategize all that […]

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My Phirst 50K: Mudding at a Medium Pace

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NYC DNF: But lots of TLC

Everyone has a bad race now and then. I had been pretty fortunate that it hadn’t happened to me going in to the NYC marathon this past weekend, but I was definitely due for one.  It seems like all of my runner buddies had stories of that one horrible race where everything went wrong. […]

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I’m running the NYC Marathon

Though I will probably slip in an SEO news update somewhere next week, I will also be posting about my marathon experience this weekend, good or bad.

I got in to running for the most part when I met my wife, who has always been a runner. Up until that point, I basically always considered […]

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2015 Delaware Trail Marathon: My first trail marathon

General Purpose

This site is about SEO, but I will depart from SEO from time to time to share some things from my life.  I am a distance runner, and much like SEO, that involves a lot of slow build.  Lots of hard and honest work over time that pays off in the end.  This […]

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