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Texas SEO Consulting Tipping Points – You Can Be Found Anywhere

This month our You Can Be Found Anywhere series has me found in Texas, at the Alamo.  Though the Alamo was a loss, it is viewed by many as the turning point in the battle for Texas independence.  It rallied many to the cause and sparked the famous rallying cry of "Remember the Alamo".  The [...]

Jersey Shore SEO – You Can Be Found Anywhere at the NJ Marathon

As a special episode of my You Can Be Found Anywhere series, I was at the finish line of the NJ Marathon this past weekend, being inspired by the amazing people that put a training plan together, stuck to it, and pushed through the pain and finished either a half or full marathon on that [...]

NYC Technical SEO in the Manhattan Subway: Get Found

This month as part of my You Can Be Found Anywhere video series, I am in the New York City Subway system, talking about technical SEO. The inner workings and train lines in New York City are what keep everything running as smoothly and cleanly as possible. When the trains are down, it seems that [...]

SEO Link Building – Brooklyn Bridge – You Can Be Found Anywhere

Talking Link Building & SEO at the Brooklyn Bridge This month we took advantage of an early morning run on a beautiful day to talk about link building on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Just like the Brooklyn Bridge connects two important pieces of land, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, links connect one website to another. Google uses links [...]

SEO Unique Content – You Can Be Found Anywhere – Motown Museum

In my new monthly short video series, we want to drive home the point that with a good search engine marketing plan, your business can be found from just about anywhere. With mobile phone traffic taking up more than half of all traffic, our businesses tend to be found more often when people are out [...]

SEO Site Audits and Rescues

This year, I hope to provide some quick little video going over some of the things happening in search these days and how I can help. I hope business owners can understand that they aren't alone with some of their search problems and also learn the latest news in search and how to dig deep or [...]